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A computer is installed and operating in a room without air-conditioner. This computer keeps shutting down because of overheated processor, although the cooler and thermal paste are still in good working order. What else could be done to resolve the overheated issue in this case?

A Add case fans.

Adding case fans can push excess heat out of a case and let cooler air in. Most CPUs won't shut down until they reach 70 to 100 degrees Celsius (158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit), therefore the ambient temperature won't be that high if someone is working in that environment. Heat monitoring software allows you to see what's going on but does nothing to cool the case. Removing the chassis cover exposes the computer to dirt and dust, which can lead to other issues, and a refrigerator is likely to generate condensation, which can cause electrical systems to short out. Adding case fans is the best option. Using a water-cooled system or adding a better heat sink to the processor could also be beneficial.

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