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Among the following, which are the disadvantages of virtualization?

A Multiple virtual machines run on a single host share hardware resources which has a degrading effect on performance.

One of the disadvantages of virtualization is that multiple virtual machines running on a single host share hardware resources such as CPU, memory, and storage. This sharing of resources can lead to a degradation in performance since the resources need to be divided among the virtual machines. If the workload on the host is high or if some virtual machines are resource-intensive, it can impact the performance of other virtual machines running on the same host.
Another disadvantage of virtualization is that the hardware used to host virtual machines becomes a single point of failure. If the physical server hosting the virtual machines fails, all the virtual machines running on that server will be affected and may become inaccessible until the issue is resolved. This can result in significant downtime and potential loss of data or services if proper backup and redundancy measures are not in place.

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