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A network user complains that their profile takes a very long time to load and they see the message "Waiting for the User Profile service." What is the problem here?

A There is a slow link between the domain controller and the client, but it was not correctly detected by the User Profile service.

When the User Profile service misclassifies the client-server connection as being fast while it is actually slow, this message appears. The domain controller has configuration options for these settings. Instead of the roaming profile on the server, the User Profile service will load a cached profile from the local machine if it detects a slow connection. The profile will take longer to load since the entire profile must be loaded, not just the changes, if this is the user's first time logging into a particular computer, but this error message won't appear. The user would be informed by a message if they input an invalid password. It is unlikely that a failure to update Windows would have an impact on this message.

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