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A software developer, who is using Windows 10 Pro on his SOHO Computer, needs to build an application which must operate on both Windows and Linux computers. Therefore, he must get his app tested in both of those environments. Which of the following would be the most cost-effective solution in this case?

A Virtual machines on their PC.

To test the application, the technician will need to run both operating systems. A Windows 10 sandbox will safeguard their host OS from any problems caused by the application, but it will not allow them to test the application on a Linux OS. Dual-boot systems are clunky at best, and they necessitate rebooting between operating systems. Running two computers would be more expensive in terms of utilities and hardware, not to mention valuable office space. Installing virtual machines on the technician's business PC is the best solution. This would allow them to test in either Linux or Windows without having to restart the computer, saving time while making corrections. It will also protect their machine from unintentional bad code that could cause damage.

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