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1212A system has been acting strangely, and you suspect a temporary file might cause it. And you know that removing unused and temporary files and programs is the best technique to avoid malware. Which tool, shown in this image (with the name redacted), will you use to delete temporary and unused files from a computer system?

A Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe).

Disk Cleanup will scan your hard disk and inform you how much space unused files are consuming. You then have the option of selecting which files to delete. When you select a file type, you'll see a summary of what's being deleted. The space saved on modern, large hard disks is usually negligible. The Resource Monitor displays the resources consumed by the process in real-time. Disk Management is a graphic utility that allows you to create, format, and manage volumes on any physical drive connected to your system. It can even be used to set up software RAID. The Registry is a massive database that stores information about a computer's users, hardware, software, and configuration settings. Changing the Registry with regedit is typically used as a last resort because changes are immediate and there is no undo button. Control Panel and Windows Settings can control the Registry for you and are considerably safer.

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