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A user has just signed up for WWAN service through his cellular provider. The data cap is at 10 GB/month. It's incredibly expensive if he exceeds the cap, therefore he wonders whether there's a method for him to avoid exceeding the data limit. What should he do in this situation?

A Set up their cellular WWAN as a metered service.

Metered network settings are available for wired, Wi-Fi, and wireless wide area network (WWAN) connections. To configure a Wi-Fi network as a metered connection, go to Settings, then Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi, then Manage Known Networks, and then choose the network. In Windows 10, you have to click Properties, but in Windows 11, you're already there. Locate and activate the metered connection setting. To control data usage, you can then set a data limit. Data usage will not be displayed in Performance Monitor. WWANs can connect to virtual private networks (VPNs), but they still use data. When connecting to a network, your connection may go through a proxy server, however the job of a proxy server is to filter network data. You will use data whenever you connect to the Internet or a VPN using your WWAN connection.

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