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A user receives an error message stating that a duplicate IP is present on the system, and he cannot access the network. You are confused because you have a DHCP server. What is the BEST course of action in this situation?

A Ensure that this computer is set to obtain an IP address automatically.

A network requires each device to have a distinct IP address. Since it would take a lot of work to track IP addresses manually, many networks utilize a DHCP server to assign them. When two identical IP addresses try to connect to a network using DHCP, at least one of them has its IP address configured manually. You should first ensure that this computer is configured to automatically receive an IP address. If it's not, you've identified the issue. If it is, you can ping the IP address by using ping -a ipaddress to substitute the duplicated IP address for the variable ipaddress in the command. The hostname of the other computer will be returned as a result. Every network administrator should have a list of computers' names and locations. You could then make sure that the other computer is configured to automatically receive an IP address as well. The cause of the problem is manually configuring an IP address. In this case, the ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew commands would not help.

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