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1212A user recently reported intermittent network access issues. While troubleshooting, a notification appears stating that Windows has identified an IP address conflict. There is a DHCP server on your network. When you open the user's TCP/IP properties, it is configured as in this picture. What steps must you take to fix the problem?

A Use a packet sniffer to determine the computer with the duplicate address, and change that computer to obtain an IP address automatically.

The most typical reason of an IP address conflict is when a computer is configured with a static IP address that is in the DHCP server's range. The DHCP server, uninformed that the address has been statically assigned somewhere, distributes the address, resulting in a conflict. Rebooting the device will not assist, nor will releasing the address and requesting a new lease from the DHCP server - it will simply hand out the same address again because it is unaware of the situation. As the administrator, you must monitor the offending user. A packet sniffer is commonly used to examine network traffic and determine the computer name or MAC address related with the IP address in issue.

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