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A Windows user is having difficulty reading the words on the screen due to a visual impairment that makes identifying colors difficult for him. Where can this user go to make the screen more readable?

A Go to Personalization, then Background, and choose High contrast settings.

Select Windows Settings => Personalization => Background => then High contrast settings. On the next screen, toggle high contrast to make the colors more clear and easier for visually impaired users to distinguish between them. This may make reading the words on the screen easier for the user. There are more ways to reach the High Contrast Settings, as there are with most Windows options. The Fonts option under Windows Settings, then Personalization, allows the user to add fonts that are not previously installed on the system. While switching to a new font may be beneficial to the computer user, this is not the place to do so. At night, the nightlight settings use warmer colors, which may make PC use even more difficult for this person. The accounts section does not have any high-contrast settings.

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