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A wireless access point must be installed in a drop ceiling when there is no access to a power supply. Which technology will you use to power that device?

A PoE.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables you to power an Ethernet device (such as a switch) via an Ethernet port. PoE must be supported by both the access point and the device into which it is plugged. Furthermore, the access point and device must be compatible with one another. While EoP is not currently on the A+ objectives, it is a technology that allows users to transfer Ethernet signals over existing power lines. This can be beneficial in situations where running Ethernet connections is impractical, however Wi-Fi is more commonly used in certain scenarios. A hub can be used to renew a signal, however it requires power and is not a wireless access point. A repeater/extender is the same thing as a hub. Power is required to renew a signal and send it on its route.

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