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Employees are permitted to use their own devices while working for your company. You, as the IT director, are worried about the security of any company data stored on those devices. Which technology should you use?


A software technology called mobile device management (MDM) enables an IT department to maintain control over company data while allowing users to use their personal devices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can reduce hardware costs for businesses, but it also poses a security concern. An IT administrator can limit the types of data and applications utilized with company data by using MDM. They can also delete all company data from a device if it is lost, stolen, or if an employee leaves the organization. Windows operating systems, with the exception of Home editions, employ the EFS (Encrypting File System) to encrypt files and folders. When users log on, single sign-on (SSO) enables them to access all the systems and applications they need. The username and password will be the same across systems, however, some may ask users to reenter their credentials. User Account Control (UAC), which requires an administrator password for some operations, checks if a person has the right to modify a system before allowing them to do so.

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