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Employees at your company are permitted to use their personal devices for work-related purposes. As the IT director, what are the two things that you use to guarantee the security of the company's data on those personal devices?


Mobile application management (MAM) systems and mobile device management (MDM) can be used to ensure that company's information is safe on the personal devices of your employees. They can be used to lock or wipe lost or stolen devices, prohibit the downloading or printing of certain information, and remove company data from mobile devices once an employee has left the company. On a mobile device, a preferred roaming list (PRL) will be updated if necessary to make sure you can roam and connect to the proper cell towers. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), which defines how 2G cellular networks work, is used in Europe and many parts of the world. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), which was used on 2G and 3G phone systems, is mostly used in the United States. 5G is the current standard in many places.

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