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On a Windows 10 64-bit workstation, you're installing a software that requires 4 GB of RAM. The RAM on the workstation is 4 GB. Will you need to make any system configuration changes to install this application?

A Yes, you'll need at least 2 additional GB of RAM.

Because the program and the operating system will both be executing at the same time, you must add their respective RAM requirements to get the amount of system RAM required. The minimum amount of RAM required for a Windows 10 64-bit installation is 2 GB, and because the application requires 4 GB, you'll need a total of 6 GB, and since you only have 4 GB, an extra 2 GB will need to be added. While that will run the software on this system, having only 2 GB for the operating system will not allow it to operate as quickly as the user is accustomed to, hence you'd probably want to add more.

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