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The vice president your company got an email from you asking for his username and password. The vice president remained silent because he believed you already knew them. What kind of attack is this?

A Whaling.

An attack on a powerful or wealthy fish (person) is called whaling. Vishing is the practice of obtaining information using voice calls while phishing uses email. Vishing, phishing, and whaling are variations of the same type of attack. In all of these, an attacker makes an effort to get usernames, passwords, or other information using intimidation, coercion, or other methods. Then they'll employ that knowledge to attack the computer systems of your company. All of them are play-on-words for "fishing". The attacker is casting a line in the hopes that you'll bite. When someone connects an unauthorized wireless access point (WAP) to your network and assigns it the same service set identifier (SSID) as your legitimate network, it is known as a "evil twin attack."

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