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1212To know the amount of RAM that is being installed in a system, you will need to use which of the following commands to quickly bring up the window shown in this picture?

A msinfo32.exe

The showing screen is System Information. It instantly displays an overview of the system's hardware and software, including the operating system version, RAM, processor, motherboard, and much more. msinfo32.exe is the utility that will launch it. The program name for Resource Monitor is resmon.exe. Unlike System Monitor, Resource Monitor is constantly updating, alerting you to resources that are overused or experiencing troubles. System Configuration (msconfig.exe) has been available in Windows operating systems for many years, although its capabilities has changed through time. This application is used in Windows 10 and Windows 11 to manage how Windows boots up and to enable rapid access to other Windows functions. Finally, devmgmt.msc is Device Manager, which should be your first port of call when troubleshooting hardware issues. From there, you may update or install drivers, diagnose problems, and disable hardware if necessary.

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