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Users must enter both a username and password as well as a code from an RSA token in order to log on to your network from a remote location. What type of security is this?

A Multifactor authentication.

Users typically need to enter their username and password in order to log on to a computer or network. In multifactor authentication (MFA), the user must present two or more pieces of identification. These are often from two of the following four categories: something they are (biometric screening), something they know (like a password), something they have (like a security token code), or somewhere they are (based on Wi-Fi or GPS location and cell tower triangulation). A firewall is a software or hardware device that uses parameters set by the administrator to prevent traffic entering or leaving a network. For each resource, an access control list is present. It specifies who has access to a resource at what level. According to the principle of least privilege, a user should only be given enough access to do his/her task.

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