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What Active Directory security measure transfers a user's data from the local drive to a server so that if a laptop is lost or stolen and someone finds it, they won't be able to access the data in the user's data files?

A Home folder.

A home folder is a network folder designated for each user in which they can store their personal files and data. By configuring a user's home folder to reside on a server, any data stored in that folder is automatically synchronized or redirected from the local drive of their laptop to the server. This ensures that the data remains secure even if the laptop is lost or stolen.
When a user logs in to their account, the home folder is automatically mapped to a network drive on their computer, providing seamless access to their files. If the laptop is lost or stolen, the data stored in the user's home folder on the server is protected because it requires network authentication to access, which the unauthorized possessor of the laptop would not have.

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