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What kind of installation are you performing when you move your Windows 8.1 computer to Windows 10?

A Upgrade installation.

You will conduct an upgrade installation. Only when there is an existing operating system can an upgrade installation be done. It will retain all of your files and settings while installing a different version of an operating system on your computer. A recovery partition is frequently seen on a laptop (and some desktops) purchased from a major retailer. While the computer is booting, you will be prompted to press a key or keys. The precise key(s) will be determined by the laptop manufacturer. Using a recovery partition will delete everything on the drive and return the device to its original state when it was delivered from the manufacturer. This is commonly referred to as a factory reset. Clean installations occur when a new computer has no operating system (bare metal), but they can also happen when you want to totally wipe off the drive and start again. Image deployments are typically performed in a large-volume situation with numerous computers setup identically. The operating system, apps, and settings will all be installed and configured on a single computer. The image of that computer is then created. The image can be saved on a network drive, an USB drive, or another type of storage. When it is installed on new computers, it will include the original computer's operating system, applications, and settings.

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