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When a switch overheats, the SNMP agent sends an SNMP trap to an SNMP manager. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

A It is a managed switch.

SNMP traps are unsolicited messages sent by an SNMP agent to an SNMP manager. They are used to notify the manager of an event that has occurred, such as a switch overheating. Managed switches have the ability to send SNMP traps, while unmanaged switches do not.
The default port for SNMP traps is 162. This is the port that the SNMP agent will use to send the trap to the SNMP manager. The SNMP manager will listen for traps on port 162.
So, the switch that overheats and sends an SNMP trap to an SNMP manager must be a managed switch and it must be communicating on port 162.

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