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Which of the following BEST describes active sniffing? (Choose all that apply)

A Active sniffing is easier to detect than passive sniffing.

1. Active sniffing is usually required when switches are in place.
Active sniffing techniques are often employed when switches are in place because switches create separate collision domains, meaning that network traffic is directed only to the intended destination. As a result, passive sniffing becomes less effective as it only captures the traffic intended for the sniffer's own network interface. Active sniffing techniques, on the other hand, involve actively sending or manipulating network traffic to intercept desired data.
Regarding the detectability of active sniffing, the correct statement is: 2. Active sniffing is easier to detect than passive sniffing.
Active sniffing involves more active participation in the network, which can generate unusual network traffic patterns or trigger network security mechanisms. As a result, active sniffing is generally more detectable than passive sniffing, which simply involves monitoring and capturing network traffic without actively engaging in communication or manipulation.

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