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1212Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about the network configuration of the computer in this image?

A The IPv4 address is a routable address.

Because the image next to DHCP Enabled says Yes, the computer is set up to receive the address dynamically. If it was configured to obtain an address dynamically but was unable to communicate to the DHCP server, the operating system would have obtained an address using APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) and would have been in the range beginning with, so this PC is not being assigned an APIPA address. It is set to DHCP and is receiving an address that is not APIPA, indicating that it is receiving its address from a DHCP server. Nonroutable addresses are those in the 192.168.x.x range, which means they can only be used internally. They would connect to the Internet via a gateway (router) that supports NAT (network address translation) (essentially all modern routers use NAT). By comparing the IP address to the subnet mask, we can determine that the network number is and the host address is

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