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Which type of digital security requires frequent updates to protect your network or computer the best?

A Antivirus.

As new viruses are released every day, antivirus software requires constant updates of virus signatures. The definition files, or updates, make sure that the antivirus engine will spot new viruses. Firewalls can be software or hardware that are used to filter network traffic and either allow or deny it in accordance with predetermined criteria. Setting are not frequently changed once they have been established. When deciding whether to give access, ACLs (access control lists), which are linked to specific system objects, are compared to the data of an authorized user. Once configured, they are also rarely modified. ACLs are made possible by NTFS permissions. A user may be given the following NTFS permissions for an object: Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write. Access to a resource is also impacted by share permissions, but only when a user accesses it over a network.

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