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With this type of display, only organic materials would be utilized to light up themselves, so that there is no need of backlight. And by this mechanism, this display would deliver better black and greater contrasts.
What type of display is being described?


Because they can turn individual pixels off, Organic LED (OLED) displays have an incredible color contrast ratio. They also have a fantastic viewing angle. However, they may not be as bright as an LED (Light Emitting Diode) display. Backlighting is provided by LEDs in LED and mini-LED displays, but the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel is still required. QLED is a marketing term, but QLED displays use a quantum dot layer to provide greater color depth than standard LED displays. Each pixel in a micro-LED is made up of three microscopic LEDs (red, green, and blue), and each pixel can be turned on and off like an OLED TV. QLED, mini-LED, and micro-LED are not yet included in the CompTIA A+ objectives.

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