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You are configuring a Windows client PC on a network that also includes a DHCP and DNS server. Where will the computer's IP address and subnet mask be obtained?

A It will automatically get them from the DHCP server.

1212The computer's default setting for obtaining an IP address is automatic, which means it will search for a DHCP server to assign an IP address and subnet mask. There is no need for manual setting, but in Windows 10, you can check that the connection is configured to automatically receive an IP address, as indicated in the image, by following these steps: Click Network & Internet in Windows Settings. Right-click the network connection in question and select Change adapter options. Then select Properties, then Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and finally Properties. The procedure is the same for IPv6, except that IPv6 is used instead of IPv4. This can be be done via Control Panel by selecting Network and Sharing Center instead of Network and Internet, and then following the same procedures. In Windows 11, select Network & Internet and then Properties of the active network connection at the top of the page. This will navigate you to the network configuration page, where you can confirm that the IP assignment setting is set to Automatic (DHCP). The Control Panel options in Windows 11 are identical to those in Windows 10.

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