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You are setting up a repair shop for PCs. What are the two devices that you should use to lessen the chance that static electricity will harm computer components?

A ESD mats.

Placing a device on a benchtop has the potential to cause damage. An ESD (electrostatic discharge) mat should be used in addition to an ESD strap because of this. This mat removes extra charge from anything it comes into contact with. ESD mats are also available as mouse/keyboard pads to stop ESD charges from interfering with the operation of the computer. With numerous ESD wrist straps attached to the mat, ESD can be completely eliminated by putting the technician and any equipment in contact with the mat at the same electrical potential. It is not a good idea to use magnetic screwdrivers since they run the risk of inadvertently damaging a computer chip. Excess moisture in the air is eliminated using a dehumidifier. For working on computer equipment, the ideal air moisture content is around 50%. Because too little moisture increases static electricity, you're more likely to need a humidifier in colder climates to add moisture to the air. Components may corrode if there is too much moisture present.

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