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Your company handles confidential government files. Employees are not permitted to copy any files to flash drives. Where do you specify both this and the penalties for breaking the rule?


Acceptable use policies (AUPs) specify how staff members of an organization may utilize its systems and resources, both software and hardware. The penalties for violation of this policy should also be stated. The policy should also cover the use of personal hardware, such as USB devices, and the installation of personal software on company computers. The AUP, which is frequently signed during the onboarding process for new employees, may be included in an employee handbook but is not required to be. Who has what permissions on an object is specified by an access control list (ACL). An automatic document feeder (ADF) sits atop a copier or multifunction device (MFD) to send a stack of papers through, one at a time. A file used to install an Android app is called an Android package (APK).

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