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Your Windows system is operating slowly. You figure out that the hard drive's available space is extremely limited. What should you use to free some space on the hard drive?

A Disk Cleanup.

When the hard drive has less than 10% free space, its performance can be severely slowed down. The amount of disk space for temporary files, log files, the Recycle Bin, and other items that can easily be deleted will be displayed by the Disk Cleanup utility. This could free up some disk space. It's possible that you'll also need to delete some files. Mechanical hard drives can benefit from drive optimization and defragmentation, whereas solid-state drives cannot. In fact, running it could damage a solid-state drive. Although it might improve the performance of a slow system, it does not free up any space. When no other tool is available to perform the same task, the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) should be used. The operating system could crash if the registry is changed improperly. If you are experiencing issues with system files, you should run System File Checker (SFC); this won't free up any space on your drive.

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