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You're dealing with a client who has a small workgroup (peer-to-peer) network of Windows 10 PCs. An application on some of his employee computers necessitates the use of the X: drive. This drive, which is actually a shared folder on the manager's PC, must be accessible by the specified computers. What can you do to make this drive accessible to other computers as drive X:?

A On each client computer, open File Explorer, click This PC, then click Map network drive. Choose drive letter X, then navigate to the shared resource.

In a workgroup (peer-to-peer) network, you must first guarantee that each user of the shared resource has an username and password on the manager's computer. The resource would then be shared on the manager's computer, and each employee's computer would open File Explorer, click This PC, then Map network drive, and follow the onscreen instructions to map drive X: to that shared resource. In Windows 11, the options are slightly different. After selecting This PC in File Explorer, click the three dots in the ribbon and then select Map network drive.

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