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You're working with a doctor's office to build a network that will allow the doctor's employees to use their tablet PCs in any room of the office without worrying about network wiring. What kind of network will you put in place for the doctor's office?


For this office, a wireless LAN (WLAN) would be the best choice. A WLAN is a network of devices that communicate by radio waves rather than cables. WLANs can support several wireless access points (WAPs), ideally overlapping so that users do not experience signal dropout. WLANs include Wi-Fi. A LAN would be ineffective because it would necessitate detaching and reconnecting cables in each room. To segregate a network, a VLAN (virtual LAN) is created utilizing security protocols. WAN is inaccurate because this is a network within a single office, not a network of computers located in different locations.

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