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You've found that the firewall and antivirus have been disabled on a system connected to your network. This poses what kind of vulnerability?

A Unprotected system.

Because this system is unprotected, it is vulnerable to attack. Turning on the system's software firewall and antivirus protection is the solution. Attackers might evade antivirus software during zero-day attacks, which take place the same day a vulnerability is found, because antivirus software providers have not had the time to patch the vulnerability. A Structured Query Language (SQL) injection takes place when an attacker puts code into a database rather than data, and the code is then run, providing the attacker access to the database's data. In contrast to SQL injection, which uses a database, cross-site scripting (XSS) uses a website and either JavaScript or Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Since the systems do not perceive the typically trusted website as a threat, code is injected into the website and utilized to collect data from legitimate website users.

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