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You've just moved into a new two-story townhouse and are considering where to put your router. The townhouse has an open floor design, with the dining room in the center. Which of the positions is the BEST?

A On a stand in the corner of the dining room.

Wi-Fi transmissions are radio waves that relate to the electromagnetic spectrum. The metal staircase would operate as an antenna, absorbing the signal's energy. Sofas are thick, and the majority of them include metal, which will absorb the signal as well. The sunny windowsill is out in the open, but sunshine can also interfere with radio signals, and too much heat can ruin the router. The finest option here is on the stand in the dining room's corner, which is in the middle of the house. While there are seats and a table there, there is probably not as much stuff to block the signal as there is behind the sofa. Of course, placement would be determined by the specific situation.

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