CompTIA Network+ Salary: How Much Can You Earn With This Certification?

If you’re considering a career in IT, you’ve likely come across CompTIA certifications. CompTIA Network+ is one of the most popular certifications for professionals looking to break into the networking field. But what kind of salary can you expect with this certification? In this article, IT Exams will explore the average CompTIA Network+ salary and […]

March 21, 2023

If you’re considering a career in IT, you’ve likely come across CompTIA certifications. CompTIA Network+ is one of the most popular certifications for professionals looking to break into the networking field. But what kind of salary can you expect with this certification? In this article, IT Exams will explore the average CompTIA Network+ salary and factors that can affect your earning potential.

What is CompTIA Network+?

CompTIA Network+ is a certification issued by the Computing Technological Industry Association (CompTIA), a non-profit trade organization based in the United States, to IT professionals capable of managing a technological ecosystem.

CompTIA Network+ is a mid-level certification for network professionals that examines their abilities to support and configure TCP/IP clients in terms of network design, configuration, installation, hardware format, network cabling, supporting, and resolving networking problems. This exam also assesses students’ understanding of network components and where they operate in relation to the OSI model. Therefore, it requires lots of attempts and preparation for the exam. Take CompTIA Network+ practice tests to check your abilities and get ready for the actual test.

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ Certification

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The CompTIA Network+ certification is the foundation for showing one’s competence to manage, maintain, and resolve network infrastructure issues. This vendor-neutral recognition covers critical aspects of network administration such as network security, architecture, operations, and troubleshooting.

The benefits of having this certification are numerous. The CompTIA Network+ certification offers IT professionals a solid understanding of networking principles and technologies, as well as validation of their skills and knowledge. This not only broadens their employment options but also increases their earning potential.

The certification exam comprises 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions delivered in a controlled testing environment. The exam is a true testimonial to an individual’s practical mastery of networking and requires a minimum passing score of 720 on a scale of 100-900. Recertification is required every three years to keep the certification valid by either retaking the current version of the exam or earning Continuing Education credits.

CompTIA certification provides a thorough understanding of the main skills and knowledge areas required for effective network management. This investment is priceless for IT workers looking to develop their careers in networking.

CompTIA Network+ certification offers many benefits to IT professionals besides CompTIA Network+ Salary. Here are some of the most significant advantages of obtaining this certification:

Increasing Your Credibility

Professionals with a Network+ certification have demonstrated their understanding of IT networks and their ability to solve network-related problems. They must also have strong technical experience. A Network+ certification demonstrates to your colleagues that you are dedicated to achieving greatness in your area.

Career Opportunities

Some employments in the IT networks industry are exclusively available to Network+ certified candidates. Being certified may enable you to work for firms that have high standards and criteria for certain job titles.

Therefore, job applicants having the Network+ certification may be given preference by employers and hiring managers.

Career Advancement

CompTIA Network+ certification is an excellent way for IT professionals to advance their careers. The certification demonstrates that the holder has a strong understanding of network concepts and can effectively manage and troubleshoot network issues. This knowledge can help IT professionals move up the career ladder and take on more challenging roles, such as network administrator, network engineer, or even network architect.

Industry Recognition

CompTIA Network+ certification is recognized throughout the IT industry as a respected certification that demonstrates technical proficiency and knowledge. Employers in the IT industry value this certification and often require it as a prerequisite for certain job roles. Holding CompTIA Network+ certification can give IT professionals a competitive edge in the job market and demonstrate their commitment to ongoing professional development.

Opportunities to Further Education

You may use CompTIA’s continuing education program to renew and maintain your Network+ certification. CompTIA provides a number of courses to help you meet the criteria. By staying up to date on IT changes, you will continue to make yourself a more valued employee and team member.

CompTIA Network+ Jobs & Career Opportunities

People with CompTIA Network+ certificates can thus get access to telecommunications or networking areas. Because Network+ is ubiquitous, candidates with the certification can work as network technicians on many platforms, such as Cisco, Microsoft, or Juniper networks, as help-desk technicians, security associates, and administrators, among others.

Businesses esteem it highly since it is recognized by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

CompTIA Network+ certification Data center technicians, network administrators, and systems support specialists are examples of entry-level CompTia Network+ Jobs. They can advance their careers as system administrators, support technicians, IT managers or specialists, and so on after getting sufficient experience.

CompTIA Network+ certification Senior IT system managers and senior systems engineers are examples of senior-level positions.

What is the Average CompTIA Network+ Salary?

The job market for persons with CompTIA Network+ certification is robust and shows no signs of slowing down. Due to a lack of IT experts skilled in network infrastructure, there is a significant demand for persons with this coveted certification, which is highly regarded across a wide range of businesses.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for someone with CompTIA Network+ certification is $65,000. However, this is just a general average, and actual salaries can vary significantly. For example, someone just starting their career with CompTIA Network+ certification may earn around $45,000 per year, while someone with several years of experience and additional certifications could earn over $100,000 annually.

Factors that Affect CompTIA Network+ Salary

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The CompTIA Network+ certification has various benefits, one of which is the effect it has on the salaries of IT workers. According to a recent CompTIA survey, Network+ certified employees earn an average salary of $78,000, which is a substantial boost over the $72,000 earned by non-certified professionals. The reason for this gap is that the certification demonstrates a thorough mastery of networking technology, which is a desirable asset in today’s technologically dependent environment.

However, the effect of certification on compensation can be modified by a variety of factors, including work experience, geographical location, and company type.

Work Experience

One of the most important things influencing CompTIA Network+ pay is experience. IT professionals with more experience typically earn more than those who are just starting out in their professions. Someone with less than one year of experience, for example, may make roughly $45,000 per year, whereas someone with more than five years of experience may earn more than $85,000 per year.

Geographical Location

IT experts’ salaries might vary greatly depending on where they live and work. IT professionals in larger cities with high costs of living may often expect to earn more than those in smaller towns or rural locations. In San Francisco, for example, someone with CompTIA Network+ certification may earn around $85,000 per year, whereas someone in a smaller city in the Midwest may earn around $55,000 per year.


An IT professional’s payment might also be affected by the industry in which they work. IT workers working in banking, healthcare, or government may earn more than those working in other areas. In the financial area, for example, someone with CompTIA Network+ certification may make around $80,000 per year, but someone in the retail industry may earn around $55,000 per year.

Job Roles

The precise work role that an IT expert holds might also have an impact on their income. A network administrator with CompTIA Network+ certification, for example, may make around $70,000 per year, whereas a network engineer with the same qualification may earn more than $90,000.

5 Ways to Increase Your Pay

The pay you can expect from a particular IT job can vary significantly from the median pay depending on a number of factors that may benefit your role for a certain position. Here are five ways that can help increase your pay:

  • Prior Experience: Reducing training time and having expertise that goes beyond your job description may increase your value to an employer. Similarly, prior related job experience provides trust and builds expectations on the side of an employer that can benefit the numbers on your paycheck.
  • Additional Training and credentials: If CompTIA Network+ isn’t your first certification and you can demonstrate extra completed training, you can broaden the reach of your credentials and qualify for employment you wouldn’t otherwise qualify for, as well as become a candidate for a higher-paying position. Examine CompTIA’s stackable certificates to learn how you may use CompTIA certifications to advance your IT career. CompTIA AITP also provides IT professionals with access to training.
  • Commitment: Becoming certified is the first step toward a successful career. Maintaining your certification is even more crucial, as it can demonstrate to employers that you’re dedicated to your career and on top of a fast-changing sector.
  • Regional Distinctions: The salary for a job in one area may be drastically different from that of another. A systems administrator in New York City, for example, will earn around 15%, or $14,650, more than the identical position in Denver.
  • Variations by Industry: Keep in mind that some industries may have different expectations for certain job titles than others and, as a result, give varying remuneration.
  • The Personal Factor: In addition to the salary boosts outlined above, there are a few other critical factors that can help you land your first job and make a case for the compensation you want, such as:
    • Networking: Making connections with IT professionals and expanding your professional network is critical for establishing and growing your career. Participate in social networks such as LinkedIn, newsgroups and forums, and local IT associations such as CompTIA IT Pro Membership.
    • Maintain Current: Make certain that you are knowledgeable about emerging technology. Spend time on IT websites, sign up for newsletters, and contribute to blogs.
    • Soft Skills: Your communication abilities might have a significant impact on your potential to acquire a job. And having an overall positive attitude, efficiently managing your time, solving difficulties, demonstrating self-confidence, dealing with pressure, and having a strong work ethic all demonstrate that you are an employee worth investing in.

How to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification


Preparing for CompTIA Network+ certification requires dedication and effort. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam:

Familiarize Yourself with Networking Concepts

CompTIA Network+ covers various networking concepts, such as protocols, media, topologies, and network security. Familiarizing yourself with these concepts is crucial to passing the certification exam. You can use study materials such as books, online courses, or practice tests to learn and reinforce these concepts.

Hands-On Experience

Having hands-on experience is an essential part of preparing for CompTIA Network+ certification. Practical experience can help you understand networking concepts and troubleshoot issues effectively. You can gain hands-on experience by setting up a home network, volunteering for IT projects, or taking on networking roles at work.

Take Practice Tests

Taking CompTIA Network+ practice tests can help you assess your knowledge and identify areas that need improvement. You can find various practice tests online or in study materials. Practice tests can also help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and build confidence.

Join a Study Group

Joining a study group can be an effective way to prepare for CompTIA Network+ certification. Study groups can provide you with a support system, help you stay motivated, and allow you to learn from others’ experiences.



What is the passing score for CompTIA Network+ certification?

The passing score for CompTIA Network+ certification is 720 on a scale of 100-900.

How long does it take to prepare for CompTIA Network+ certification?

The amount of time required to prepare for CompTIA Network+ certification can vary depending on your experience and knowledge. However, on average, it takes around three to six months to prepare for the certification exam.

How difficult is CompTIA Network+?

Networking principles, infrastructure, protocols and services, network security, and network troubleshooting are all covered in the test. While the exam’s difficulty level varies from person to person, it is typically regarded as difficult.

What kind of jobs can I get with CompTIA Network+ certification?

With CompTIA Network+ certification, you can pursue various networking roles, such as network administrator, network technician, network installer, and help desk technician.

How much can I earn with CompTIA Network+ certification?

As mentioned earlier, the average CompTIA Network+ salary is $65,000 per year. However, your earning potential can vary depending on various factors such as location, industry, and experience.

Should I go for Network+ or CCNA?

Regarding CompTIA Network+ vs CCNA, it is preferable for IT professionals to obtain CompTIA Network+ first, while CCNA certification is still valuable. CCNA certification, in particular, allows you to improve on your core networking abilities by giving an in-depth understanding of Cisco systems and, eventually, a path toward further specialization.