aws solutions architect vs developer

AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer: Understanding The Differences

Looking to understand the difference between AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer? With this guide, IT Exams will break down the unique skills and knowledge required for each role and exam, helping you make an informed decision about which certification path to pursue. Whether you’re a developer looking to leverage AWS for your projects or a technical […]

May 8, 2023

Looking to understand the difference between AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer? With this guide, IT Exams will break down the unique skills and knowledge required for each role and exam, helping you make an informed decision about which certification path to pursue. Whether you’re a developer looking to leverage AWS for your projects or a technical architect seeking to optimize cloud infrastructure, this guide has everything you need to know about AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer.

What Are AWS Certifications And Why Are They Important?

aws solutions architect vs developer

AWS certification is a well-known industry accreditation. It assists learners in gaining credibility by verifying a degree of Amazon Web Services cloud knowledge, and it assists companies in identifying talented employees to drive AWS cloud initiatives.

After completing one or more of AWS’s examinations, a professional earns an AWS certification. Certifications from AWS are valid for three years.

To keep your AWS Certified designation, you must regularly show your continuous skill through a procedure known as recertification.

Let us first define what certificates are and what they are not.

  • Certifications ARE evidence of knowledge – they demonstrate that you are competent enough to pass the test.
  • Certifications are NOT evidence of experience – there is no replacement for actual cloud work. However, there are several alternatives to obtain hands-on AWS cloud training outside of the workplace and kick-start your cloud career with little to no prior experience.
  • Certifications ARE a door opener; they may earn you an interview or put you in the running for a promotion.
  • Certifications are NOT gold cards – “Will an AWS certification get me a job?” is a frequently asked question. They cannot guarantee you a cloud job, but they can set you up for success. It is your responsibility to earn it from there.
  • Certifications ARE VERY VALUABLE – AWS cert holders earn well over $100,000 USD each year on average. AWS credentials are among the highest-paying cloud certifications available.
  • Certifications aren’t just about earning money; they also authenticate your expertise and assist guarantee that teams speak the same cloud “language” – a term commonly used to describe “cloud fluency.”

When considering your AWS career path, consider certification as a stepping stone. It can assist you in reaching the next level, but the actual attainment is still up to you.

Whichever path you take, being AWS certified has never been easier. Amazon provides all of its certification examinations online, which means you can take them from home, the workplace, or anywhere you are — no need to travel to a testing facility.

AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer Associate: Detailed Comparison

aws solutions architect vs developer

If you are unfamiliar with the cloud or the AWS environment, you may receive guidance AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course, and despite their titles, these certifications will not help you gain a job as a developer or solution architect.

The good news is that the skills you gain while studying for the exams may allow you to pursue a variety of other professional options. Even better, we provide you with access to all of the AWS training you require to be successful.

So, here is some information about AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer:

AWS Developer: Exam and Other Details

The test objectives for the AWS Cloud Developer (DVA-C01) are listed below:

It is not surprising that Amazon Web Services’ best practices attract a lot of attention. The topic caught my interest immediately as it seemed more relevant to daily work. The AWS Developer exam extensively covers the issue since developers are encouraged to use serverless computing.

The exam covers a range of services, including Lambda, DynamoDB, Step Functions, X-Ray, API Gateway, ECS, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, and Kinesis. Previous test materials from 2018 or earlier focused more on EC2, but this is no longer the case. The exam now prioritizes serverless computing. Although EC2 may still appear on the exam, it is recommended to focus on serverless services.

Exam Details

This test is suitable for developers who are learning to build with AWS. The knowledge gained during test preparation can be used for personal or professional purposes, making it an ideal choice.

Being an expert is not a requirement for success in this exam. While there may be questions about the correct API to use, coding experience is not necessary. However, having coding experience could be beneficial.

For instance, suppose your web application uploads a 10GB file to an S3 bucket every few minutes, and you want to reduce the time it takes to complete each upload. How would you do this? What are the best approaches to using the latest AWS technology if you were to offer AWS to your company? Or, if you were starting your own company from scratch, how would you implement your applications in the cloud?

If any of the above situations apply to you, this exam is worth considering. The solution to this problem is to use the Multipart upload API. Answers to similar questions can be found through experience, reading API documentation, or taking an online course on S3 buckets.

Prerequisites for Developer

In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language. Understanding of key AWS architecture best practices such as application lifecycle management, the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, and container utilization in the development process.

You may obtain any AWS Certification without satisfying any prerequisites. Nonetheless, AWS provides knowledge and experience suggestions that are in keeping with the subject matter and degree of skill for each certification.

Domains Covered

  • Development with AWS Services
  • Security
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Deployment
  • Refactoring

AWS Solutions Architect: Exam and Other Details

aws solutions architect vs developer

According to the objectives, the major goal of this certification is to create the optimal architecture for your systems.

Services like EC2, VPC, ECS, Elastic Load Balancers, CloudWatch, EFS, EBS, FSx, and CI/CD tools are prioritized.

Exam Details

This certification is intended for individuals in various solution architect roles. The exam evaluates your ability to design secure, reliable, and AWS-compatible architectures.

The exam will include numerous scenario-based questions, such as the following example: You work for a large aerospace engineering company and require a highly scalable NoSQL database capable of accommodating frequent schema changes. Which AWS service should you use?

As you pursue a career as a solutions architect, you will become familiar with all of AWS’s service offerings and learn how to optimize their interoperability. Answering such inquiries will become second nature to you. The challenge is to design an application architecture that is secure, efficient, robust, and cost-effective if you integrate AWS into your business. Or, if you were to start your own company, how can you build your apps to leverage AWS effectively?

The knowledge gained from this certification can be useful for individuals in non-solutions architect professions. The concepts are particularly helpful for developers, as they can provide the confidence to pursue technical lead or solutions architect roles in the future.

Exam Details: What is Common?

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Developer Associate certifications share many similarities. To prepare for the Solutions Architect exam, you can take advantage of the knowledge you gained while studying for the Developer certification. Consider scheduling the Solutions Architect test within two weeks of receiving your AWS Developer Certification, as the material will be fresh in your mind. With this approach, you can reduce the amount of additional studying required to pass the Solutions Architect exam.

Both examinations cover the most important AWS services, such as EC2, VPC, S3, RDS, Lambda, Route 53, SNS, SQS, ELB, DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, and CloudFront, and cover computing, security, databases, monitoring, deployment, and serverless on AWS. Both tests need a solid understanding of security and VPCs, Cognito, STS, subnets, security groups, and NACLs.

Once you have this core understanding, the number of certifications you may seek is limitless, since AWS provides a wide range of credentials. Furthermore, the concepts and principles gained in these tests may be utilized to acquire credentials for Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, even though the nomenclature is different.

On this website, we offer hundreds of free AWS Solution Architect Associate exam questions to help you be familiar with the real exam format!

AWS Certified Developer Associate vs Solutions Architect: Skills and Abilities Required

A competent AWS architect should be able to write code in any programming language supported by an official AWS SDK, such as Java, Python, C#, and others. A general grasp of programming is required to design realistic, logical solutions that will work as intended.

An AWS Developer’s responsibilities might shift based on the organization’s hiring objectives at the moment. Among the potential responsibilities are:

  • Making development, testing, and design as efficient as possible.
  • Creating infrastructure with technology such as CloudFormation.
  • Ongoing knowledge management.
  • Designing a low-cost product.
  • Defining and documenting best practices and strategies for infrastructure maintenance and application deployment.
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum during infrastructure transfer.
  • Putting together a monitoring stack.
  • Implementing service capacity planning ideas.

Comparison of Demand and Popularity Of AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer

aws solutions architect vs developer

AWS Developer

One of the main reasons why AWS certifications are significant is because cloud computing will be unavoidable for IT professionals by 2021. All industries are shifting to the cloud as a result of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to Forbes, the vast majority of IT professionals feel that this cutting-edge technology will have a significant influence on cloud computing adoption.

IT professionals will need to become experts in cloud computing, particularly AWS services, in the near future. As a result, if you want to acquire a competitive advantage and stand out in 2021, AWS credentials are essential.

Another incentive to begin your cloud computing journey with AWS is that it controls around one-third of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) sector. This exceeds the following two suppliers’ combined offerings, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. If this trend continues, which analysts believe it will, AWS will experience exponential growth in the next years. As a consequence, obtaining an AWS certification is a smart career move for IT professionals and individuals looking to expand their businesses and skill sets on this well-known platform in 2021.

AWS Solution Architect

AWS architects are in great demand since AWS offers such a diverse set of services and capabilities. AWS architects develop and build the infrastructure and programs that utilize AWS. They partner with clients to create one-of-a-kind solutions that are suited to their client’s specific needs.

In today’s environment, having a well-planned and efficient infrastructure is critical. This suggests that you’ll need specialists to help you build and manage this infrastructure. One such professional is the AWS Solution Architect.

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate (ASA) credential is available through Amazon Web Services. The certification provides individuals with the skills and knowledge required to create, install, and support AWS systems. As the world’s largest cloud provider, AWS has a lot to offer its employees. The role of the solutions architect at the organization is no different. As the solutions architect, you will be responsible for developing and managing cloud-based applications.

The online course AWS Solution Architect Associate covers the core skills and knowledge required to function as a Solution Architect. The course is designed for experienced IT professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of the AWS cloud computing platform. The course is comprehensive and covers all of the important topics required to thrive as a Solution Architect. Given the growing popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is no surprise that more people are looking for work in the cloud computing business.

AWS Solutions Architect vs Developer Salary

In pay comparisons, AWS Solution Architect is in great demand. According to Stack Overflow, the average compensation for a Solution Architect is $167,920. This is an increase over the previous year when a Solution Architect earned an average of $161,440. The high demand for Solution Architects is reflected in the number of job postings.

How much does an AWS Developer make? An AWS Developer earns an average yearly salary of 6,25,525 rupees in India. The wage estimates are based on the 53 salaries provided by anonymous AWS Developer workers for evaluation.

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Choose the One According to Your Preferences

aws solutions architect vs developer

A number of things will influence your decision on which AWS certification to seek initially. Your present skill set and intended job are the most crucial.

The solutions architect and developer test both assess your understanding of essential AWS services and best practices. However, these examinations differ significantly in many ways. Furthermore, both tests help you lay the groundwork for a variety of AWS employment ranging from hands-on development to advising roles.

If you have previous expertise with traditional IT activities such as networking, security, server management, Linux, or Windows administration, you will have a better understanding of how these services operate. In this situation, the solutions architect exam is a better place to start because your expertise will help you grasp how cloud environments work, which is one of the test’s important subjects.

If you have prior expertise with scripting, programming, or doing QA operations, the developer associate exam is a better fit for you. While studying for this test, you will learn about AWS’s developer tools and gain confidence in working with AWS.

In general, if you have expertise in writing code, you should study for the developer test since it will familiarize you with the tools required to create and deliver solutions on AWS. If you want to be a cloud engineer or a cloud architect, the AWS solutions architect exam can help you lay the groundwork for such positions.

Factor In Career Goals

Regardless of your experience, you may have certain professional goals that encourage you to study AWS, which might assist you in choosing the best AWS test for you.

Does aws require coding?“. Yes. If you prefer to write code, there are various careers that need varied levels of programming or coding abilities. These include building serverless services and controlling AWS resources programmatically. If this is something that interests you, you should study for the developer test. As you study for the developer test, investigate employment in cloud automation, DevOps, and development.

If you want to focus on the broad picture and work with a variety of AWS services, you should prepare for the solutions architect test. As you study for the solutions architect exam, you will get a better grasp of essential concepts such as how users and AWS services are permitted to access AWS services and how to construct efficient AWS architectures. The skills you develop while studying for the solutions architect exam may lead to positions in AWS operations, governance, and administration.

Consider your Personality

To conceptualize solutions using AWS architectural best practices, AWS solutions architect roles require a high level of cognitive thinking. Aside from the limited opportunity for hands-on participation in application design, deployment, and management, AWS Solution Architect is often a preferred choice for a new employee. If you’re still wondering which AWS certification is in demand, the answer is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

Finally, even if you don’t have a clear professional goal in mind, you should be aware of your personality. This will help you decide on a career path and if the solutions architect or developer test is a good place to start.

If you are capable of absorbing a large amount of information from various domains, you should begin with the solutions architect test. You will discover how to construct an enterprise-grade architecture that is highly available, performant, elastic, and cost-effective as you prepare for the exam.


aws solutions architect vs developer

Which is better AWS solutions architect or developer?

If you are considering validating your understanding of AWS concepts before pursuing a specialized certification, it is highly recommended to obtain the AWS Solution Architect – Associate certification first.

What is the difference between a solution architect and a developer?

Using their wide and in-depth technical expertise, software architect maintains technical standards while detailing the overall design and direction of the project. On the other hand, software developers serve as the fulfillment team, producing code to the architect’s standards.

Does AWS Solution Architect require coding?

Although not needed, having a basic grasp of Python, Java, or any other programming language would be extremely helpful. Security: Aspiring cloud solution architects must have a good grasp of core security concepts such as firewalls.

Is the AWS Solution Architect job difficult?

 The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification is one of the most difficult AWS credentials. To pass this certification, you must have an extensive understanding of cloud computing and a variety of critical AWS services.

Final Words

In order to differentiate between AWS solution architect and developer, it is recommended to take both exams. However, if you have to choose only one, consider the following: If you are a developer seeking to understand AWS from a developer’s perspective, the AWS Developer Certification is for you. This certification will equip you with the skills necessary to create amazing things on AWS, as well as participate in AWS development discussions. On the other hand, if you are a technical architect or want to learn how to architect solutions in the AWS environment, the Solutions Architect certification is recommended.

For someone who is just getting started with AWS, a comparison of the AWS Developer and AWS Architect credentials is required. However, many prospective candidates focus solely on one response rather than considering all of their possibilities. Many applicants consider that the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam is more difficult than the AWS Developer Associate exam.

Comparisons between AWS Developer vs AWS Architect, on the other hand, have just one conceivable outcome: you will not identify the “better” one. Passing any certification test might lead to substantial pay packages. To choose the correct test for you, you must first establish your criteria for obtaining AWS certification. If your primary focus will be on AWS cloud architecture, the AWS Solutions Architect certificate is ideal.