ccsp certification path

CCSP Certification Path | The Ultimate CCSP Job Outlook

Looking to enhance your career in cloud security? This guide covers everything you need to know about the CCSP certification path. Together with  IT Exams, learn about the requirements, exam format, benefits, and career opportunities associated with CCSP, and get expert tips on how to prepare for the exam and succeed in this dynamic field. […]

May 11, 2023

Looking to enhance your career in cloud security? This guide covers everything you need to know about the CCSP certification path. Together with  IT Exams, learn about the requirements, exam format, benefits, and career opportunities associated with CCSP, and get expert tips on how to prepare for the exam and succeed in this dynamic field.

What Is The CCSP Certification?

ccsp certification path

A CCSP certification from the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, verifies your ability to manage a cybersecurity program. This comprises the design, deployment, administration, and upkeep of the system. A CCSP certification certifies your knowledge of IT, information security, and cloud security. Earning a CCSP certifies you as a member of (ISC)2, allowing you access to the nonprofit organization’s resources, such as tools, programs, and events.

Who Should Earn The CCSP?

Any professional interested in validating their knowledge and proficiency in the subject of cloud security can apply for this certification, with the following professionals benefiting the most:

  • Security Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Systems Engineer
  • Security manager

The CCSP is not the ideal IT certification for everyone. Before you begin your certification journey, be sure you aren’t passing up a chance to seek a degree that is more closely linked with your current professional aspirations.

CCSP Exam Details

ccsp certification path

Post Examination Requirements

To take the ISC2 CCSP test, you must have an adequate understanding of cloud security to get 700 out of a potential 1000 points. However, there are some experience requirements for the ISC2 CCSP test.

Three experience criteria must be met in order to become a complete ISC2 CCSP. First, you must demonstrate five years of IT expertise. Three of the five years must be devoted to information security. Finally, one year of cloud security experience in any of the six ISC2 CCSP areas is necessary.

There are various exceptions to these restrictions in the CCSP test. Anyone who holds the ISC2 CISSP certification satisfies the qualifying CISSP requirements automatically. If you have prior expertise in information security and information technology, you may be able to waive the cloud security requirement by obtaining the CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge.

You can still take the exam if you lack experience. If you pass the test, you become a CCSP Associate until you achieve the necessary experience to become a complete CCSP. An ISC2 CCSP certificate is valid for three years and does not need to be renewed. To recertify after three years, you must have completed 90 CPE credits in those three years and pay a $100 yearly maintenance fee.

Exam Structure

The CCSP examination aims to evaluate the knowledge of individuals on cloud security. It consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, divided into 100 operational items and 50 pretest items, and the duration of the exam is four hours. The passing grade for the exam is 700 out of a possible 1000 points. The exam content is categorized into six domains, each having a specific weightage. These domains and their corresponding weights are:

  • Domain 1: Cloud concepts, architecture, and design (17%)
  • Domain 2: Cloud data security (20%)
  • Domain 3: Cloud platform and infrastructure security (17%)
  • Domain 4: Cloud application security (17%)
  • Domain 5: Cloud security operations (16%)
  • Domain 6: Legal, risk, and compliance (13%)

The following section gives a concise overview of the subject matter covered in each domain of the CCSP exam.

Domain 1: Cloud concepts, architecture, and design (17%)

The first domain of the CCSP exam addresses the fundamentals of cloud computing security. This contains fundamental cloud computing ideas, cloud architectures, cloud security concepts, safe cloud computing principles, and finding trusted cloud services.

Domain 2: Cloud data security (20%)

This domain is concerned with all aspects of cloud data security. Relevant knowledge includes fundamental concepts of cloud data, security considerations of cloud data storage, tools and techniques for data security, finding and classifying data on the cloud, managing access to data, implementing data retention, deletion, and archiving processes, and data event management.

Domain 3: Cloud platform and infrastructure security (17%)

The third CCSP domain focuses on cloud infrastructure security. A CCSP candidate should understand the fundamental components of cloud infrastructure, be able to design a secure data center, perform a risk assessment, design and implement cloud security controls, and integrate cloud computing into their organization’s business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan.

Domain 4: Cloud application security (17%)

This component of the CCSP test focuses on designing and protecting cloud applications. On the development side, candidates should be aware of the particular difficulties of cloud development, be familiar with software assurance and validation for cloud apps, practice excellent supply chain management, and comprehend the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This domain’s security encompasses the secure software development lifecycle (SDLC), cloud-specific security technologies, and cloud identity and access management.

Domain 5: Cloud security operations (16%)

A candidate in this domain must understand how to design, implement, create, manage, maintain, and analyze the risks of physical and logical cloud infrastructure. This component also assesses knowledge of associated rules such as ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000-1, how to collect digital evidence in an event, how to manage security activities, and how to manage communication with all cloud stakeholders.

Domain 6: Legal, risk, and compliance (13%)

The CCSP’s last domain focuses on any cloud-specific legislation and regulations that were not included in previous domains. This covers how the cloud affects regulatory compliance, privacy rules in certain jurisdictions, audits, and risk management. Supply chain management, outsourcing, and vendor contracts are also discussed.


It costs $599 to take the exam.

CCSP Certification Path – The Overall CCSP Job Outlook

ccsp certification path

The chances of securing security-related cloud employment are excellent, and they are likely to increase tremendously in the future. The fundamental driver of this is, of course, the rate of cloud adoption by individuals and corporations alike. Consider the following statistics:

According to Gartner, Inc., global public cloud spending is expected to reach $332.3 billion in 2021, a 23.1% rise from $270 billion in 2020. “Emerging technologies like containerization, virtualization, and edge computing are gaining traction and driving additional cloud spending.” Simply put, the epidemic increased CIOs’ interest in cloud computing.”

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) will increase the most in 2021, with 38.5% and 67.7% growth, respectively, owing to a rising requirement to support a hybrid workforce. However, cloud application services (SaaS) will continue to account for the majority of spending, with $122.6 billion expected in 2021 and $145.377 billion in 2022.
According to Indeed statistics, the percentage of cloud computing employment per million climbed by 42 percent between March 2018 and March 2021, and the number of cloud computing job searches per million surged by over 50 percent.
You can find work in this field in two ways.

Work directly for a cloud computing company

One option for working in the cloud computing field is to work directly for a cloud computing company. Some of the top companies hiring in this area include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. For instance, Google Cloud has increased its workforce significantly since 2019, with a current employee count of 37,000. Different positions within these companies have varying salary ranges, with AWS cloud application architects earning an average salary of $152,695, Microsoft Azure solution architects earning an average salary of $141,162, and Google Cloud sales engineers and program managers earning an average salary of $150,000.

Work for a company that is not a cloud computing company (but uses the cloud in its daily operations)

One more option is to work for a company that uses the cloud in its day-to-day operations but isn’t necessarily a cloud provider. This category includes a wide range of businesses and organizations, such as banks, IT companies, and government agencies. In this type of role, you may work as a cloud security professional or in another position that interfaces with cloud security, such as a cloud computing analyst, administrator, architect, or engineer. However, to be considered for these types of roles, it’s important to have skills in programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby on Rails, as well as experience with either Windows or Linux and database programming languages such as SQL.

What Is The Average CCSP Salary By Job Roles?

ccsp certification path

CCSP job titles and salaries

The following are the typical wages for job titles that are frequently connected with CCSP certifications:

  • $195,000 for a cloud architect
  • $103,508 for a cloud administrator
  • $134,137 for a cloud engineer
  • $140,071 for a cloud software developer

CCSP geographic cities and salaries

The following cities in the United States have the highest pay for cloud security professionals:

  • $106,361 in New York, New York
  • $113,090 in Seattle, Washington
  • $132,934 in San Jose, Calif.
  • $111,674 in Houston, Texas
  • $99,766 in Chicago, Illinois
  • $128,477 in Dallas, Texas
  • $100,047 in Austin, Texas

As you can see, the average CCSP salary varies greatly by area.

CCSP experience and salaries

Over 245,538 cloud-related jobs were available on the Indeed website in the United States as of July 2022.

As more roles in the cloud go vacant, there is an excellent chance for experienced persons to become qualified to fill available positions. The CCSP certification, which can make you more appealing to future employers, is an excellent alternative for expanding your knowledge of cloud security.

The five-year CCSP requirement demonstrates that the test is aimed at mid-level security professionals with expertise in operating cloud-based information system infrastructures in the most safe and most efficient manner.

In general, experience has a significant impact on compensation. According to the (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2020, the average income for “Millennial professionals early in their careers” is $67,000. Employees with more job experience earn more money, with Gen X respondents earning an average of $95,000 and Baby Boomers earning an average of $112,000.”

How To Prepare For The CCSP Exam?

ccsp certification path

1. Determine Long-Term Career Goals 

Given the significant time and effort required, applicants may find it difficult to choose which (ISC)2 certification to pursue. The CCSP certification is primarily focused on the technical aspects of cybersecurity, whereas the more broad CISSP certification is more focused on strategy and leadership job duties. As a result, the CCSP certification is often the ideal choice for people seeking professions such as enterprise architect, security consultant, or security engineer.

2. Ensure to Meet All Prerequisites

Candidates must meet a few prerequisites, which have previously been discussed above, after passing the test in order to acquire the certification. Candidates must submit verified documentation of their job history before acquiring their credentials.

Individuals may take the test even if they lack the qualifying expertise. If the candidate is successful, they will be able to gain at least five years of experience after becoming an Associate of (ISC)2.

3. Purchase the Official Study Materials 

The “Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK” and the “Official CCSP Study Guide” are just two of the study materials published by (ISC). These are routinely revised to reflect substantial changes in the certification system. These materials are not intended to be used as a comprehensive learning tool; rather, they are intended to be used as a resource. Additional acceptable materials include the official CCSP study app, flashcards, and CCSP practice tests. Finally, joining the official online study group gives you access to a group of other exam takers.

4. Become Familiar with the CCSP Domains 

The six categories addressed by the CCSP architecture described above emphasize the most critical security challenges that modern enterprises must address. To obtain the certification, you must have at least one year of experience in one or more of these industries.

5. Enroll in a Hands-on Training Program 

While conventional study materials such as official resources are important references, only actual experience can really replace them. In a comprehensive online CCSP course, candidates may train on their own time utilizing a range of materials such as instructional videos, practice quizzes, and simulations. Rather to just reading hundreds of pages of information, this technique allows candidates to learn via experience.

6. Understand the Exam Structure

The test lasts four hours and can be done in person or remotely with proctoring. Candidates must first register and pay the $599 examination cost. The exam date must be arranged within 120 days of the purchase, and they will then get access to a variety of extra resources to help them prepare. This test in English and Japanese consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and passes. Candidates must get at least 700 points out of a possible 1000.

Expert Tips to Prepare for CCSP Certification Exam

  • Make certain that you cover all of the CCSP domains. However, you should allow a set amount of time to each question. The CCSP test consists of 125 questions and takes four hours to complete. As a result, you have around two minutes to answer each question. As a result, applicants must first answer the basic questions before moving on to the more difficult difficulties.
  • You may also browse online for cybersecurity training classes.
    Practice must be given primary priority. Practice examinations can be used to simulate the examination setting. In the three hours provided, you may determine which topics you are comfortable with, respond to the numerous queries, and identify your shortcomings.
  • A timeline is the most important aspect of your CCSP test preparation. A timetable can help individuals adjust their schedule and study hours for the greatest results. This will also help the candidate prepare for the exam with a cool head.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming CCSP Certified?

ccsp certification path

Is CCSP worth it?“. Yep. The CCSP certification is without a doubt one of the most popular cloud-based certifications in the world. It demonstrates professionalism and competency and might help you stand out from the crowd of security professionals searching for jobs. Obtaining the CCSP certification benefits Cyber Security Professionals in a variety of ways, including:

1. Globally recognized: The CCSP is widely recognized as one of the top cloud security certifications in the world. With this certificate, you will get global recognition in a variety of businesses and sectors, as well as a unique distinction for achieving the highest level of cloud security competency. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 support the CCSP, unlike other certifications. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has also validated this qualification.

2. Versatile skill: Because the CCSP is a vendor-neutral certification, you may apply your knowledge to a variety of cloud platforms. You may use your adaptability to a wide range of approaches and techniques. This certification validates your knowledge of cloud computing principles, encryption, disaster recovery, cloud application security, business continuity, risk management and analysis, threat modeling, and other related topics.

3. Improves comprehension: The CCSP certification improves your comprehension of cloud security best practices, protocols, and key principles. This globally recognized certification confirms your professional knowledge and abilities in cloud data and application design, operation, management, and security. It keeps you up to date on emerging dangers, mitigation measures, and growing cloud computing technology.

4. Establish credibility: According to (ISC)2, there are roughly 10,898 CCSP-certified experts in the world. Bypassing the CCSP test, you may join the 10.8k+ certified CCSP professionals globally. You may use this to demonstrate your competence in cloud security and get the respect of clients or executives.

5. Demonstrates hands-on expertise: Hands-on expertise guarantees that Cloud Security Professionals know what to do in the field using the abilities gained from passing the CCSP certification test, which goes well beyond textbook knowledge.

6. Increases confidence: The skills and knowledge you learn via CCSP certification prepare you to cope with cloud security concerns in the real world.

7. Greater job options: For IT workers, CCSP certification provides up new channels and chances in the IT field. It improves your visibility and credibility, as well as your competitiveness and value in the employment market. It verifies that you have the necessary management skills and knowledge to secure data and apps in the cloud.

9. Higher salaries: With CCSP certification, you could make 35% more salary than non-certified individuals. The salary scale varies according to the applicant’s qualifications and job experiences.

How To Get CCSP Certified?

As previously said, CCSP certification requires a few years of experience. We also discussed how to become an Associate of (ISC)2 while acquiring work experience. To get certified, however, you must first complete the endorsement procedure and follow the (ISC)2 code of ethics.

The endorsement process is carried out entirely online. It validates your claims of professional experience and your reputation in the cybersecurity industry.

Accepting the code of ethics permits you to maintain your new qualification. You will just agree to:

  • Protect society, the common good, crucial public trust, and infrastructure.
  • Act with integrity, fairness, honesty, legality, and accountability.
  • Provide informed and conscientious service.
  • Develop and protect the profession.

How Does The CCSP Compare To Other Networking Certs?

ccsp certification path

The CCSP certification is one of the few that focuses only on cloud security. Many other Information Technology certificates approach security themes in a generalist manner or with a deep level of emphasis on another area within the realm of information security. The ISC2 CCSP exam, on the other hand, is intended to assess understanding of the application of cybersecurity methods, tools, and processes to cloud computing. A lot of emphases is made on highlighting the areas where the usage of cloud computing necessitates a distinct approach to security.

The CCSP is far from the only certification offered for cloud computing. Cloud vendors and other certification businesses have created a plethora of different certifications to assess applicants’ understanding of cloud computing ideas and technologies. However, the CCSP’s emphasis on cloud security helps to distinguish it from these other certifications.

The Cloud Security Alliance’s CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) certification is the most equivalent to the CCSP. The CSA collaborated with ISC2 to develop the CCSP exam. According to the CSA blog, the CCSP assesses knowledge of governance, conventional security, and user privacy in cloud systems, in addition to much of the same information as the CCSK.

The CSSP is perhaps the most comprehensive cloud security certification available. It is intended to assess understanding of cloud security subjects on a par with the CISSP certification.

How to Maintain Your CCSP Certification Credential?

You may also expect to find information about maintaining your CCSP certification in our CCSP test guide. After getting your CCSP certification, you must keep it current throughout the three-year certification cycle. Maintaining at least ninety Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits throughout this time will assist you in meeting this goal. Certified professionals must pay an annual maintenance fee (AMF) in addition to adhering to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics. An (ISC)2 certified professional must testify to the implementation of the code of ethics by the certified professional. You must repeat the exam if you do not follow these guidelines within nine months of the exam date.


ccsp certification path

What other certifications can I get if I don’t earn a CCSP certification?

If you’re not able to obtain a CCSP certification or if you feel that it’s not aligned with your goals, there are various alternative certification options available. Some of these certifications include the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP), Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Health Care Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP). These certifications can be beneficial for individuals who are pursuing different career paths or who have a different set of goals than what the CCSP credential offers.

How long does it take to get a CCSP certification?

The length of time it takes to earn a CCSP certification depends on your level of competence in the field. It could take up to six years to gain the necessary professional experience to take the CCSP test. After you’ve completed the required number of work hours, you can commit additional time to studying for the certification exam.

What type of IT professional benefits from a CCSP certification?

Individuals who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in cloud security can obtain this certification. The following professionals may find this certification particularly advantageous:

  • Security architects
  • Security engineers
  • Enterprise architects
  • Systems engineers
  • Security consultants
  • Security managers


The CCSP certification path is an excellent choice for those looking to specialize in cloud security. Earning this certification might lead to new employment prospects and higher earnings. The CCSP certification covers a wide range of cloud security areas, providing a thorough understanding of best practices and concepts for cloud security. With the knowledge and abilities earned through the CCSP certification, you’ll be well-prepared to face the particular problems connected with cloud security. Success, like any other credential, necessitates preparation and persistence. You may set yourself up for success in acquiring the CCSP certification and furthering your career in cloud security by following the advice in this guide.