AZ 900 Certification Benefits for Your Cloud Computing Career

Cloud computing has become a crucial tool for businesses to store, manage, and analyze their data in today’s quickly expanding technological landscape. Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud computing platform utilized by businesses all over the world. The AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification verifies the fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services and their application. […]

March 31, 2023

Cloud computing has become a crucial tool for businesses to store, manage, and analyze their data in today’s quickly expanding technological landscape. Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud computing platform utilized by businesses all over the world. The AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification verifies the fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services and their application.

In this article, IT Exams will explain the work and career you can get from AZ 900 certification benefits. We will look at how this certification can help you advance in your career, what skills and knowledge it can bring, and what job prospects are accessible for qualified professionals. We will also look at how cloud computing is relevant in today’s employment market and how Microsoft Azure is leading the push in this field. Therefore, whether you are a fresh graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone trying to change careers, this blog will give you useful insights into how AZ-900 certification might help you reach your career objectives.

What is AZ-900 Certification?

The AZ 900 exam is intended for candidates who want to show a core understanding of cloud services and how they are delivered using Microsoft Azure. This exam is an optional initial step in learning about cloud services and how Microsoft Azure exemplifies those concepts. It is a prerequisite for Microsoft Azure or Microsoft cloud services examinations.

The AZ 900 certification is an excellent starting point to start if you want to pursue a career in cloud computing or improve your knowledge of cloud computing. It offers a solid foundation in cloud computing concepts and services that are important in today’s labor market. It is also required for other Azure certifications, such as the Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, and Azure Solutions Architect.

Target Audience

Despite the fact that Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is an entry-level certification, anyone attempting to obtain it should have some expertise with the technology and be familiar with the Azure interface.

AZ-900 Exam Topics

  • Describe cloud concepts (20-25%)

  • Describe core Azure services (15-20%)

  • Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure (10-15%)

  • Describe general security and network security features (10-15%)

  • Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features (20-25%)

  • Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements (10-15%)

AZ 900 Certification Benefits

AZ-900-certification-benefits“Is the AZ-900 worth it?” Without a doubt! Individuals wishing to start or enhance their careers in the cloud computing business can profit greatly from obtaining an AZ-900 certification. Here are some of the main advantages of obtaining an AZ-900 certification:

Confirm Your Hold on Azure Subjects

As previously said, this certificate is for those wishing to begin a career in cloud computing, which means that it will help you whether you have prior IT expertise or not. Obtaining AZ-900 certification allows you to improve your fundamental understanding of cloud computing. The Azure fundamental AZ-900 is a fantastic first step before pursuing the associate-level credential.

Furthermore, completing the AZ-900 test confirms that you have thoroughly confirmed your core understanding of the critical Azure topics. You are now an experienced Azure professional who understands how to prepare for challenging yet critical topics. You now understand the significance of cloud services, the distinction between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, the value of Azure network connectivity, architectural security, and much more thanks to this Microsoft test.

Unlock Associate-Level Certification

Once you have earned the associate certification, you will be able to pursue a variety of exciting work options. However, before pursuing this level of certification, you must first arm yourself with fundamental knowledge. This is only feasible if you have passed the Azure fundamentals exam. You will have no issue learning more difficult topics after you have passed this certification. The Azure fundamental level certification, obtained through the AZ-900 test, allows you for expert and advanced level certification.

If you hold the fundamental level certification, you can become eligible for Azure administrator certification as well as Azure associate certification. This component is quite beneficial for applicants who are very clear about their certification goals. The AZ 900 practice test covered during the foundational certification training will better prepare you for advanced-level Azure certifications.

Prepare You for New Job Roles

When a candidate adds the AZ-900 certification to his or her résumé, he or she can land a higher work role that demands someone with basic Azure understanding. After earning your Azure Fundamentals certification, you will have access to a wider selection of work prospects. Though the AZ-900 certification is not a required qualification for the job, it can help you stand out from the crowd. If you do not have this fundamental level certification, you will be unfamiliar with all of Azure’s fundamental ideas. As a result, other candidates will have a better chance of landing new jobs than you. Furthermore, choosing the right Azure certification path for you only needs considering your preferences and skill set.

However, the following are the primary responsibilities of a Certified Microsoft Azure practitioner:

  • Developing cloud solutions that address corporate needs and concerns.
  • Creating and deploying dependable cloud solutions.
  • Adapting cloud technologies to the organization’s evolving needs.
  • Keeping a backup copy of data and ensuring access to it when needed.
  • Securing cloud solutions to restrict access to authorized personnel.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the cloud to ensure that everything is running well.
  • Working on infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), as well as ideas, models, and services (SaaS) for public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • Using Azure to demonstrate your understanding of compliance, security, privacy, and trust.

The following are the top firms searching for people who have passed the Azure Fundamentals certification exam:

  • Accenture
  • Microsoft
  • Hitachi
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Tata Group
  • Amazon
  • Dell

Boost Your Chances to Earn More

Did you know that obtaining a Microsoft certification can help you increase your financial worth? Yes, and you will adore the financial benefits you will receive if you pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam. When you apply for a job, hiring managers will look at your certifications as well as your work experience. Having a role-based Aure certificate on your profile further indicates your professionalism.

IT professionals with Azure AZ-900 certification can earn more than their peers who do not. If you pass the Azure fundamental certification, you will be skilled enough to take on greater duties in your existing position. This is most noticeable when your company utilizes cloud computing. You can even mentor other team members who are new to Azure and get promoted to a higher-paying position. In short, Azure Fundamentals certification holders have the opportunity to pursue more specialist Azure certificates, which helps them earn an average AZ 900 Salary of $126,653 according to the Salary Survey.

Provide You Access to the Microsoft Community

As the first stage in the Azure certification journey, the Microsoft AZ-900 delves into the world of Azure professionals who have similar career trajectories to yours. You will be armed with crucial information and abilities after passing this foundational exam, and you will become a part of the Microsoft community.

You will be able to share your Azure knowledge with other experts once you gain access to the Microsoft Community. As a result, your understanding of Azure technologies will continue to grow, and you will be able to keep up with new Azure features as they are released. You will also be referred to as a Microsoft-certified professional, which is a prestigious title.

The Associate Level Job Roles


After achieving the Azure Fundamentals badge, you will have access to a variety of alternatives and associate-level certification paths. After earning your associate certification, you’ll be able to pursue a variety of fascinating job opportunities. Before applying for this level, you must first get the Azure fundamentals certification. Understanding more difficult topics will be easier once you have acquired this certification. As a result, passing the AZ-900 exam essentially qualifies you for expert and advanced-level certification. After passing this test, you may be interested in the following positions:

Azure Administrator Associate

The cloud infrastructure of an enterprise is usually implemented by a larger team that includes an Azure administrator. This needs at least six months of hands-on Azure management experience, as well as a complete understanding of the platform’s major services, workloads, security, and governance. This job should also be familiar with PowerShell, the Azure CLI, the Azure UI, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

Required exams: AZ-104

Average Annual Salary: $84,901

Azure Developer Associate

Azure Developer Associate is an alternative for cloud developers who participate in all stages of development, from requirements formulation and design to programming, deployment, and maintenance. They work with cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and customers to implement solutions. You must be knowledgeable about computing and container deployment, Azure SDKs, data storage options, data connectivity, APIs, app authentication, and performance optimization. Microsoft Azure expertise and at least 1-2 years of professional development experience are required.

Required exams: AZ-204

Average Annual Salary: $131,838

Azure Security Engineer Associate

The Azure Security Engineer Associate role is for subject matter experts with experience creating Azure security controls to safeguard identity, access, data, apps, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end architecture. You should have hands-on experience managing hybrid and Azure environments. You should also be familiar with infrastructures such as code, security procedures, cloud capabilities, and Azure services.

Required exams: AZ-500

Average Annual Salary: $137,501 (Experienced professionals: $175,000; Entry-level roles: $120,000)

Azure Data Engineer Associate

If you want to be an Azure Data Engineer Associate, you must have the correct abilities for integrating, transforming, and combining data from diverse structured and unstructured data systems into structures suitable for building analytics solutions. This position entails aiding stakeholders in understanding the data through investigation, in addition to creating and maintaining secure and compliant data processing pipelines using various tools and processes. Data processing languages such as SQL, Python, or Scala should be known to you. Parallel processing techniques and data architectural patterns should also be familiar to you.

Required exams: DP-203

Average Annual Salary: $111,500

Preparation for AZ-900 Exam?


This exam is an excellent place to begin for those new to cloud solutions. There are no prerequisites for this exam, and no prior technical experience is required.

Learning Path

You can study for this exam by following the simple steps below:

  • Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing.
  • Examine the core Azure services computing, storage, and networking.
  • Three hands-on labs are provided below:
  • Create virtual machines, virtual private networks, and peer networks, and experiment with integrating load balancers and application gateways.
  • Create app services and investigate available app service options and pricing.
  • Experiment with the storage choices available, such as blobs, queues, Cosmos DB, and so on.
  • Take a look at the security and pricing model concepts.
  • Short courses or a quick look at Microsoft documents can help you with the remaining topics.

Official Resources

  • Microsoft Learn: This is an excellent place to begin learning about Azure Fundamentals. Microsoft Learn offers free, interactive, and self-paced courses that cover all of the exam subjects.
  • Exam Ref AZ-900 Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure: This book is an authentic study guide for the AZ-900 exam and covers all exam objectives in detail. You may get it via Amazon or Microsoft Press.
  • Documentation for Microsoft Azure: This is an in-depth look at all Azure services and capabilities. It can be used to examine certain topics that need to be reviewed or to learn about new Azure services. 
  • Microsoft Azure’s YouTube channel: It contains a plethora of information about Azure services and features. To learn about the most recent improvements, you can watch videos on specific topics or join live events.
  • AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Preparation Guide: This guide will provide you with an overview of the exam and its objectives. It also includes sample questions and connections to other resources. 

Overall, you can study for this exam using various resources such as Microsoft Learn, Azure Documentation, Instructor-led Training, or Forum. Earning an AZ-900 certification requires individuals to have a foundational understanding of cloud computing concepts and services, prepare for the exam by studying the recommended learning resources, register for the exam through the Microsoft website, take the exam, and receive their certification upon passing the exam. Check out our AZ-900 Study Guide for more details.

Tips for Passing the AZ-900 Exam

Examine the Questions Thoroughly

Before selecting an answer, read each question carefully and comprehend what it is asking.

Keep an eye out for terms and phrases that can help you narrow down your options.

Control Your Time

You have 85 minutes to complete the exam, so make good use of your time.

Do not spend too much time on any single question, and allow adequate time to examine your answers before submitting the exam.

Use the Elimination Process

If you’re unsure of an answer, apply the process of elimination to rule out any incorrect solutions. This can assist you in narrowing your alternatives and increasing your chances of selecting the correct answer.

Understand Azure Terminology

Make sure you understand the language used in Azure. Understanding important phrases like “resource group,” “virtual machine,” and “availability set” can assist you in understanding the exam questions.

Utilize Azure Services

To gain hands-on experience with the platform, consider using Azure services and products. This will help you understand Azure better and prepare you for the exam.



How long does it take to prepare for the AZ-900 certification exam?

The amount of time it takes to prepare for the AZ-90 certification exam varies depending on a candidate’s existing knowledge of cloud computing concepts and study habits. Some individuals may be able to pass the exam with a few weeks of study, while others may need several months. 

Generally, a few hours of study each day over several weeks can be sufficient to prepare for the exam, but it ultimately depends on the individual’s learning pace and schedule.

Can I take the AZ-900 certification exam online?

Yes, the AZ-900 certification exam can be taken online through the Microsoft Certification Dashboard. Candidates can schedule their exam through the Pearson VUE website and choose to take it either in a testing center or online. Online proctoring is available for the exam, allowing candidates to take it from their computer while being monitored by a remote proctor.

Which technology concepts should Azure Fundamentals certification candidates be familiar with before taking the exam?

It is suggested that you are familiar with networking, storage, computing, application support, and application development fundamentals.

What skills are measured in AZ 900?

This test assesses your knowledge of cloud principles, Azure architecture and services, and Azure management and governance. The price is determined by the country or region in which the exam is proctored.

How many questions will be there for AZ 900 exam?

The AZ-900 will include between 40 and 60 MCQ questions. You will have 85 minutes to finish the exam. While the majority of questions will be in multiple-choice format, others will be case studies, brand reviews, build lists, repeated answer possibilities, or drag & drop. There will be no negative grading if you answer as many questions as you want.

Is AZ 900 certification difficult?

The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 test delves into minutia, posing questions that individuals with years of experience are unable to answer. Furthermore, it includes a number of trick questions designed to perplex you. It’s also challenging to study everything with such a large syllabus. Technical concepts can overwhelm you.


One of the primary AZ 900 Certification benefits is that it does not require any prior understanding of cloud computing. With the help of this credential, anyone with a non-technical background can begin their career in cloud computing. Furthermore, it is simple to understand and apply, therefore a candidate with the necessary skills and expertise can pass this exam swiftly. Passing this certificate will also help you begin your career in cloud computing on a high pay scale.