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PMP Renewal: How To Earn PDUs For PMP Renewal

This tutorial offers crucial details on PMP renewal, such as how to accrue PDUs, how frequently to renew, and the repercussions of not renewing. In this guide, IT-Exams.Net  will walk you through the most effective methods for maintaining your PMP certification and staying current with project management trends. Introduction If you’re a Project Management Professional […]

March 31, 2023

This tutorial offers crucial details on PMP renewal, such as how to accrue PDUs, how frequently to renew, and the repercussions of not renewing. In this guide, IT-Exams.Net  will walk you through the most effective methods for maintaining your PMP certification and staying current with project management trends.


If you’re a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified professional, you know how much effort and commitment it takes to get and keep your certification. But what does place when your certification has to be renewed? All of your questions concerning PMP certification renewal, such as how to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), how frequently you must renew, and how much it will cost, will be addressed in this article.

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What Is PMP Renewal?

pmp renewal

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) must be satisfied as part of the PMP Renewal process to maintain a PMP certification current. A specified number of PDUs must be earned and reported by PMP holders in order to renew their certification after three years. A number of project management-related educational, professional, and volunteer activities qualify for PDUs.

Why Is PMP Renewal Important?

pmp renewal

PMP Renewal is crucial because it guarantees that PMPs are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in project management, industry trends, and best practices. By requiring PMPs to accumulate and submit a specific amount of PDUs every three years, PMI wants to promote ongoing education and professional development among PMPs. This enhances the credibility and value of the PMP certification and guarantees that PMP holders possess the necessary know-how and abilities to successfully manage projects and produce profitable outcomes. The work prospects and pay potential for project managers can be further increased by maintaining a current PMP certification.

Earning PDUs and submitting a renewal application are the only steps needed to maintain your PMP certification. Let’s examine the procedures in more detail.

The PMP Certification Renewal Process

pmp renewal

As one the PMP requirements, the PMP certification renewal process is simple yet difficult. Allow Project Management Academy’s specialists to take you through these five stages to renewing your PMP certification.

Step 1: Earn 60 PDUs

All PMI certification holders are required to complete defined Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). To achieve renewal criteria, PMP credential holders must obtain 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) across a three-year certification cycle.

To earn PDUs, enter information about your professional development activities into the online CCR system. To prevent giving oneself needless work in the future, you should submit these actions for approval as they occur. Learn more about PDUs and how to earn and submit them in the sections below.

Step 2: Submit Renewal Application

You can submit your renewal application once you have earned 60 PDUs. The application can be completed online or downloaded, filled out, and re-uploaded. You must include your contact information, member ID, and payment information.

Step 3: Confirm Your Commitment to the Code of Ethics

You must reaffirm your adherence to the PMI Code of Ethics as part of your renewal application. According to this Code, honesty, accountability, respect, and fairness drive ethical decision-making in the project management industry for PMP credential holders.

Step 4: Pay the Renewal Fee

PMI members pay $60 to renew their PMP certification, while non-members pay $150. This charge is paid when you submit your PMP renewal application online. Your cycle dates will not alter if you submit your application and payment early.

If you received your PMP certification on August 15, 2019, you must renew before August 15, 2022. If you apply and pay before that date, your next cycle will begin on August 15, 2022, and your next PMP certification renewal date will be August 15, 2025.

Step 5: Receive Confirmation from PMI

PMI will notify you once your application has been approved and your renewal fee has been processed. This confirmation will include the following details:

  • PMI sent an email confirming that everything had been processed and authorized.
  • Credly has an upgraded digital PMP badge that you can view and use online.
  • Details about your new PMP CCR cycle renewal dates

This renewal confirms that you are still in good standing with PMI and may use the PMP title after your name and network as a PMP certification holder.

What Are Professional Development Units (PDUs)?

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Before earning PDUs, we need to understand what they are. Professional Development Units (PDUs) are measuring units used by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to quantify and track project management-related continuing education and professional development activities. PDUs are used to meet the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification maintenance. One PDU is equivalent to one hour of qualified professional development activity, such as attending training courses, attending webinars or conferences, producing papers or books, volunteering, or other project management-related activities. To keep their certification, PMPs must obtain a certain amount of PDUs every three years.

How To Earn PDUs For PMP Renewal

You can earn PDUs through Courses or Training: This includes formal instruction delivered in-person or online. These courses can be delivered by PMI chapters or via instructor-led online courses.

Attending organization meetings can also be a good idea to collect PDUs. PDUs are limited to one to two per session for organizational meetings. PMI chapters or local events, corporate meetings, or professional meetings such as education sessions at an industry convention are examples of how they might be found. Most meetings will also be centered on aspects of the PMI Talent Triangle.

Reading can also help you earn PDUs. Online or digital media, such as webinars, podcasts, interactive CD-ROMs, and videos, can be prerecorded or self-paced learning exercises. For a charge, PMI also provides PDU bundles. It’s a collection of on-demand courses where you may get all of your PDUS in one spot. You may also participate in online classes or listen to the PM Podcast.

Informal Learning is another choice for obtaining PDUs for PMP renewal. Reading materials include but are not limited to, instructional and nonfiction books, articles, white papers, and blogs. The PMI Store,, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and your local book retailer are all excellent options.

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How Often Does A PMP Certification Need To Be Renewed?

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Every three years, a PMP certification must be renewed. Project Management Professionals (PMPs) must earn and report a certain number of Professional Development Units (PDUs) over the three-year certification cycle in order to keep their certification. To renew their certification, PMPs must earn 60 PDUs throughout this cycle. PMPs may demonstrate their continued commitment to professional development and keep up to speed with the latest industry trends, best practices, and advancements in project management by renewing their certification.

How Much Does PMP Renewal Cost?

PMP renewal costs vary depending on a number of criteria. The following are some of the expenses related to PMP renewal:

  • PMI Membership: PMI members save money on PMP renewal costs. The annual cost of PMI membership varies based on the kind of membership, however, it ranges from $129 to $299.
  • PDU Activities: The cost of the PDU activities you pick might vary. Some activities may be free to engage in, while others may charge a fee. Attending a conference or training session, for example, might cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • PMP Renewal charge: For PMI members, the renewal charge is $60; for non-members, the fee is $150. This charge is due when you submit your PDUs for renewal at the conclusion of the three-year certification cycle.

However, the costs of gaining PDUs and maintaining PMP certification can quickly pile up. Professional development and certification, on the other hand, may pay off in terms of job promotion, higher earning potential, and prospects for professional growth.


pmp renewal

What happens if I don’t renew my PMP certification?

“If you do not satisfy the CCR program within your active certification dates, you will be placed on suspended status,” according to page 33 of the PMP® Credential manual. The ban lasts a year (12 months). If you are suspended, you may not refer to yourself or use the credential designation until you acquire the required PDUs or complete the renewal procedure within the one-year suspension term.”

In other words, if you do not acquire 60 PDUs during your recertification cycle, your PMP® certification will be “suspended.” You can still earn and submit PDUs, but you can’t call yourself a PMP®. You can return to “active” status only if you have earned enough PDUs and completed the renewal process. If you do not achieve the required PDUs within a year, you will lose your PMP® designation and must repeat the test.

Can I earn PDUs through work experience?

Yes, PDUs may be obtained through job experience. The Project Management Institute acknowledges that project management professionals acquire and expand their abilities through on-the-job training. As a result, by documenting and commenting on your work experience, you can earn PDUs.

You must document your job activities and reflect on how they contributed to your professional growth in order to earn PDUs through work experience. PMI provides a Work Experience Reporting Form that you can use to capture and submit your work experience for examination.

When should I start earning PDUs for PMP renewal?

You can start earning PDUs for PMP certification renewal as soon as you pass the PMP exam. It’s recommended that you start earning PDUs early to spread out the workload and avoid last-minute panic. By earning PDUs early in your three-year cycle, you can also gain more flexibility and variety in choosing the activities that interest you and fit your schedule. So, it’s always a good idea to plan and document your PDUs carefully to ensure that you meet the renewal requirements and maintain your PMP certification status.

How many PDUs do I need to renew my PMP certification?

If you are a PMI member, you must acquire 60 PDUs during the three-year cycle. Unless you are a PMI member, then you must earn 60 PDUs and pay a renewal fee during the three-year cycle.

Final Words

Maintaining your PMP certification is essential for proving your competence in and credibility in project management. You now fully comprehend the PMP renewal procedure, including how to obtain PDUs when to renew, and the repercussions of failing to renew, thanks to this tutorial. You can continue to grow your career and complete successful projects by keeping up with the most recent project management trends and best practices. Therefore, take action right away to properly plan and record your PDUs and make sure you complete the renewal criteria to keep your PMP certification status.